Article on the future of the digital advertising industry

“Why has HTML5 Overtaken Flash as the Digital Advertising Industry Standard?” – the title of a very informative article on the switch from flash to HTML5. It explains clearly how this will change the digital advertising landscape, presents the pros and cons of both technologies and makes predictions for the future of this industry.

Read this extremely interesting article here.

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New: the unique Quitador Sans for only $99*

Font designer Arne Freytag designed the slab serif Quitador in 2014. Now the matching sans serif counterpart Quitador Sans is available.
For this reason, we’re now offering an introductory offer: you can get the new Quitador Sans and the original Quitador for only $99* each. The offer is valid until September 8. Both families were designed in seven weights, from Ultra Light to Ultra Bold, each with a matching italic. They also have a number of ligatures and expanded language support in OpenType Pro.

You’ll find more information on the new Quitador Sans in our comprehensive feature.

Click here for the offers for Quitador Sans and Quitador.

* Gross price 117.81 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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Fonts by Inspiration: Gothic Fonts

This month, our popular “Fonts by Inspiration” series takes a look at Old English fonts and typefaces in the Fraktur style. This genre of fonts came about with the start of book printing in the 19th century. However, there are plenty of modern versions that only appear to reflect the Gothic style, but are nonetheless just as popular. We have put together some Medieval/Gothic, Celtic and modern fonts for you.

Take a look at our expert selection here.

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Video: Matthew Carter in memoriam Adrian Frutiger

At the end of April this year, at the Parsons School of Design, font designer Matthew Carter spoke in memoriam of the well-known font designer Adrian Frutiger, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 87.
In his talk, Carter referred to Frutiger’s career and to his well-known and popular fonts, such as Univers or Frutiger. Carter delves into reminiscences and anecdotes from the life of Adrian Frutiger that Carter and his colleagues experienced.
And this is exactly why it is a pleasure to listen to Carter: because he knew Adrian Frutiger personally, his talk has an authentic and emotional character sweeping you along.

Click here to watch the video “Adrian Frutiger: A Tribute by Matthew Carter” from minute 10.

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Tips & Tricks: Family linking under Windows

Our Tips & Tricks series covered the topic of family linking in the Windows operating system. The article informs you where and how you can find the individual font styles in Office applications. Although they are installed, they do not appear in the menu, only through the superordinate family name.

Learn more about this topic here.

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Professional guide for switching to HTML5

The free guide “HTML5 for Digital Advertising 2.0” offers you all the important tips for creating HTML5 ads. With some details and background information, this PDF document provides comprehensive support to help you master the transition to HTML5.

You can download the guide for free on this page.

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FF Marselis & FF Marselis Slab from Jan Maack

The sans FF Marselis® and FF Marselis® Slab make a strong team for corporate design projects. Both family members are also excellent for headlines, signalization systems, logos, and extended texts. The fonts designed by Jan Maack bear geometric and humanist influences and are equipped with four weights, from light to black, as well as the matching italics. In addition, both have different number sets and several ligatures.

Find out more about the FF Marselis and FF Marselis Slab here.

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Interview with designer Werner Schneider

We recently introduced the new Vialog 1450 on and conducted an interview with one of the two designers, Helmut Ness. Now we have an interesting interview with designer Werner Schneider, as well. The interview reveals in particular his passion for font design, since Schneider has been successfully active in the field of typography for many years now.

You can find the interview with him here.

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Article “Google wants to kick Flash to the curb in Chrome this fall”

As the title from The Next makes clear, Google will no longer support flash in its Chrome browser. Interactive articles and videos will only be supported with HTML5. Adobe started to remove flash from its technology as early as last year.

The complete article will provide you with more background information on this topic.

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Award-winning: the extended family FF Tisa and FF Tisa Sans

Slovenian typeface designer Mitja Miklavčič created the slab serif FF Tisa as a contemporary magazine font. FF Tisa became extremely popular as a web font. He later designed FF Tisa Sans, which experienced a great deal of success in corporate communications and signalization systems.

Both fonts have eight weights, from Thin to Black, each with a matching genuine italic, as well as numerous small caps, character sets, ligatures and Cyrillic characters. FF Tisa and FF Tisa Sans match perfectly, but also have a high degree of recognition value on their own. The fonts are ideal for multimedia projects. The TDC recognized this and honored FF Tisa at the TDC2 in 2007. FF Tisa Sans also won a prize: the CommArts Award in 2013.

Find out more details about the extended family from Mitja Miklavčič.

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