TEDx Talk with font designer Nadine Chahine

“Do we really need more fonts?” – this is one of many questions that Nadine Chahine gets when she talks about her career as a font designer. In her 20-minute TEDx Talk, Chahine talks about these encounters.
The focus of this extremely interesting and authentic talk, however, is Arabic font design. The native Lebanese deals with Arab culture and the two biggest differences of font variants – the classic and quickly read fonts and the modern, elegant calligraphic fonts.

See the talk with Nadine Chahine here.

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Interesting article on web fonts in HTML5 ads

In the “Best Practice” category on Monotype.com, you find an interesting article on the use of web fonts in HTML5 ad campaigns. This information is perfect if you need to use live text for dynamic content for personalization, for example.

Read the full article here.

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“Fonts by Inspiration” Series: Retro Fonts

New month, new theme: this month’s edition of our “Fonts by Inspiration” series on Linotype.com is devoted to retro fonts. Our experts have created a selection of wonderful retro fonts for you to browse and be inspired by.

Find our new “Fonts by Inspiration” feature here.

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The end of flash ads and the new role of HTML5

“You really have to be thinking about a font strategy”, recommends Theo Skye from the Monotype team in a very informative report on HTML5 by author Barry Levine. From June 30 on, Google no longer supports Flash ads. For this reason, you don’t want to miss the valuable tips and information on the end of Flash.

Read the full article on the new role of HTML5 here.

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A typographic journey with the new Posterama – for only $99

American type designer Jim Ford has created a new and interesting super family. The family is based on the idea of a structured sans inspired by striking, characteristic letters from a number of design epochs from 1902 to 2001.
The result: eight display fonts with capital letters – Posterama 1901, Posterama 1913, Posterama 1919, Posterama 1927, Posterama 1933, Posterama 1945, Posterama 1984, Posterama 2001 – and the text font Posterama Text. They are ideally suited for use on posters, signs, packaging designs and in advertising.
In our introductory offer, you can acquire the complete Posterama super family now for only $99. Don’t miss this offer, it is available until July 20.

Find out more about the new Posterama and our offer here.

* Gross price 117.81 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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New publication: Vialog 1450 for only $99

Vialog® 1450 provides DIN-compliant styles of the Vialog® signalization font. The two font designers Werner Schneider and Helmut Ness collaborated on the optimally legible Vialog 1450, which was designed for accessible reading even under difficult conditions.
Until July 7, you now have the chance to get the complete Vialog 1450 for only $99 in our introductory offer. The family includes the regular and bold weights, each with a genuine italic.

See our feature on the new Vialog 1450 here.

* Gross price 117.81 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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Exciting article on the so-called Flashpocalypse

In the post “How to survive and thrive through the Flashpocalypse”, Monotype’s Director of Partner Engagement Theo Skye will tell you everything you need to know about how to survive the so-called Flashpocalypse.

Read the extensive and very informative article from Theo Skye here.

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“Fonts by Inspiration” Series: Multiline Fonts

In the “Fonts by Inspiration” series, experts from the Linotype team present one new font genre each month. Multiline fonts were the focus in May. These fonts consist of multiple, parallel lines. They are reminiscent of neon signs from the 1970s or pop and disco fonts, and they are particularly useful as headline fonts in the larger font sizes, which highlight their details.

Take a look at our large selection of multiline fonts here.

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New: the dynamic, informal Louisville Script

The new Louisville Script on Linotype.com is a dynamic and informal font from Steve Matteson. The designer’s handwriting formed the basis of the handwritten block letters. The font’s appearance has an informal and unobtrusive character that is somewhat hurried, but always legible. The font leans away from the direction of the writing, which is unusual and exciting. The italic styles stand upright and have a light contrast in the stroke.

Louisville Script is available in two widths, each with a matching italic. The font is ideal for informal greeting and invitation cards as well as for international education, whether for teaching materials or school and year books.

See and learn more about the new font from Steve Matteson here.

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Bradley Texting with new italic styles

With Bradley Texting, Richard Bradley brought a friendly, clear and legible handwriting to the market in 2014. Apart from the use in print, the font is particularly well suited to electronic devices like mobile phones, eBook readers or tablets – as well as a text and headline font.
Now you can find the matching italic styles for the previous Regular, Semibold and Bold styles on Linotype.com. The italic versions have a significant incline, which creates a more dynamic appearance for Bradley Texting. This expands its potential for use even further.

Find out more about the lively and friendly Bradley Texting, which now offers more design potential thanks to the new italic styles, here.

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