FF Real Text and FF Real Head: Erik Spiekermann’s friendly super family

German designer Erik Spiekermann always wanted to design a font from a poster style of the commercial typeface Akzidenz Grotesk®. He succeeded in doing this with FF Real™. The neutral, yet friendly font was already put to use in his biography, “Hallo ich bin Erik”, which demonstrates the functionality of the FF Real family as a book font.
Spiekermann first designed two styles, one for body text and one for headlines. He named the fonts FF Real™ Text and FF Real™ Head.
Characteristic of the typeface are the open counters, large X-height, and the slightly structured appearance. Designer Ralph Olivier du Carrois then cleaned up and refined the outlines of the font.
FF Real Text and FF Real Head were finally expanded with 13 styles, from Hairline to Black, with additional small caps, ligatures, number sets and a number of symbols.

Find out more details about the friendly FF Real Text and FF Real Head here.

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“Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials”

Creative advertising executive Frank Bodin published creative food for thought on his Twitter account every day for a year. The 100 best of these have now been published in the book “Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials”. The book, designed with the font Akko by Akira Kobayashi, serves as an inspiration and motivation for the creative life.

You can purchase the book from the Hermann Schmidt publishing company.

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TYPO Day Hamburg

Friday, February 19, 2016 is the date for the TYPO Day in Hamburg. The main focus of this one-day font seminar is the topic e-publishing. You can look forward to fascinating presentations by the four speakers Fabian Kern, Andrea Nienhaus, Frank Rausch and Atilla Korap, stimulating discussions and Q & A sessions.

Click here for more information on the upcoming TYPO Day.

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Logo design with the help of fonts

The YouTube channel Computer Arts posted an interesting and informative video about a logo design job that was completed with the help of a typeface.
The client was the company “Mister Cooper”, which makes ice cream for adults, often with alcohol or other flavors.
In the video, which runs just under six minutes, Senior Designer Kath Tudball from johnson banks explains the development process from initial sketches to the finished corporate design, e.g. how the shape of the lips formed the company name consisting of negative space with a colored area.
The video is particularly exciting for anyone interested in the development process in the design of handwritten typography.

Watch the complete video from Computer Arts here.

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The extended FF Fago family

Designer Ole Schäfer has created more than just a family in FF Fago.
With FF Fago, FF Fago Correspondence Sans and Serif as well as FF Fago Monospaced, he has created a versatile and elaborate extended family. The font is suitable for print, as well as web and office applications.
The five weights of FF Fago have three widths each and matching italics. They have already been put to use successfully in a number of projects in packaging design, editorial design, poster design and navigation systems.
FF Fago Correspondence Sans and FF Fago Correspondence Serif are particularly well-suited to office and business correspondence. The robust word image demonstrates perfect legibility on screen as well as on printed materials and is available in two weights with italic styles.
FF Fago Monospaced is reminiscent of old typewriter fonts. Thanks to the uniform width, it is particularly suitable for tables, for example, and offers a selection of three different weights.

Find out more about this extended family from Ole Schäfer on Linotype.com.

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New on Linotype.com: the Arabic script Bustani

Naskh is one of the classical calligraphic styles of Arabic font. Bustani™, now available on Linotype.com, replicates this style and offers numerous variations for combinations of words and lines. The font can also reproduce fully vocalized text, which makes it particularly well suited to scientific texts.

Purchase the new and versatile Bustani on Linotype.com here.

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Daily calendar “Typodarium 2016 – The Daily Dose of Typography”

The popular tear-off Typodarium calendar is now available for the coming year. Editors Lars Harmsen and Raban Ruddigkeit have printed a different font for you to enjoy every day. The front of each tear-off page presents the font and its back describes the typeface in greater detail.
These familiar faces of the typography scene have selected the fonts: Jean François Porchez, Sibylle Hagmann, Zuzana Licko, Johannes Bergerhausen, Jonathan & Anıl Aykan Barnbrook.
So, your daily dose of typography is waiting, for a full 366 days, with 223 designers from 156 foundries from a total of 32 countries on 384 pages.

Find out more about the calendar or order it directly here.

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Slab serif fonts: the sixth installment in the “Fonts by Inspiration” series

The sixth part of the “Fonts by Inspiration” series deals with slab serif fonts. This type of serif fonts is also known as Eyptienne or Linear Antiqua. They came about in the early 19th century due to the need for distinctive advertising fonts. Characteristic of these fonts are the low contrast in the stroke thickness as well as the strong, almost rectangular serifs.
Then as now, the slab serifs are very popular and are used in any number of contemporary designs.

Be inspired by our numerous selected slab serif fonts here.

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FF Enzo from Swedish designer Tobias Kvant

Swedish designer Tobias Kvant created the sans-serif typeface FF Enzo in 2008. The font has a strong character with high degree of recognition value. With five weights and matching italic styles, FF Enzo is suited to headlines, but also to longer texts in smaller font sizes.
Monolinear square sans fonts, the Antiqua and other lively font details influenced the designer. Numerous ligatures, table numbers and small numbers round out the options of the FF Enzo family.

Get even more exciting information for the FF Enzo here.

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Available for one week: Antique Olive
for only 49 USD*

You can now find the one-week offer for the popular Antique Olive™ on Linotype.com. You get seven styles for only 49 USD*. From Light to Black, including italics, and the special cuts Black Condensed and Compact.
The sans serif font, designed in 1969, is often used for logos and headlines. It is characterized by its unique letter forms; the typeface originates in early design experiments by the French designer Roger Excoffon in the 1950s. He experimented with exaggerated letter forms.
Excoffon worked as an art director with Air France for many years and also designed other popular fonts, including Banco®, Choc® and Mistral®.

You can find the link to our Antique Olive offer and more information on the font and designer here.

* Gross price 58.31 USD/EUR including German sales tax. The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts, who already receive a fixed price reduction.

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