New book about printer legend Alan Kitching

The Laurence King publishing house recently released a new book about Britain’s Alan Kitching. “Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress” by John L. Walters covers over 50 years of the celebrated printer’s life work. The publication is available in two versions, a special and a collector’s edition. Check out this wonderful video, which [...]

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“Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials”

Creative advertising executive Frank Bodin published creative food for thought on his Twitter account every day for a year. The 100 best of these have now been published in the book “Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials”. The book, designed with the font Akko by Akira Kobayashi, serves as [...]

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The book “Hanzi Graphy” – a link between
Chinese and Latin script

Mario Takagi’s book “Hanzi Graphy” explores the connection between Chinese symbols – also known as hanzi – and the Latin alphabet. More precisely stated, the book attempts to create a typographic translation between the two font systems. These days, Chinese [...]

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