Eric Gill series: the new font families, Gill Sans Nova, Joanna Nova and Joanna Sans Nova

The Eric Gill series offers a portfolio of coordinated fonts that are also suited to large, international projects in print and on the Web. All the fonts are modern, revised interpretations of the original designs by renowned font designer Eric Gill. Gill Sans Nova, for example, is [...]

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New: Interview with Designer Ben Jones
about Joanna Nova

British designer Ben Jones recently designed the new font Joanna® Nova. Jones works primarily as a font engineer at Monotype. He has been interested in art, design and the visual world from an early age. Over the years, this fascination drove him to type design. [...]

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New: Interview with Terrance Weinzierl

As a part of the Eric Gill series, which includes Terrance Weinzierl’s Joanna® Sans Nova, among others, Weinzierl answered some questions for us. He discovered his passion for font design during his studies. He took courses, gained a lot of knowledge and began to create [...]

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Radio Portrait of Eric Gill (1961)

As part of retrospective on British sculptors, the BBC has recently re-published a 1961 radio program on Eric Gill (1882–1940). This hour-long discussion of Gill’s life and work may be streamed from the BBC Archive website. Most readers of our [...]

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