Video tip: remembering the font pioneer Hermann Zapf

Almost a year ago, the renowned type designer Hermann Zapf passed away at the age of 96. He became known through fonts such as Aldus®, Palatino®, Zapfino® and many more. In June this year, the designer Jerry Kelly gave a fascinating lecture on Zapf’s life [...]

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Video tip: “Edward Johnston – Calligraphy & Type Design with Ewan Clayton”

UK-based calligrapher and lecturer Ewan Clayton presents a portrait of the font designer Edward Johnston in a nearly one-hour talk. The result is an interesting and inspiring picture of Johnston’s life and work. Johnston designed Johnston Sans for the London underground some 100 years ago. And [...]

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Logo design with the help of fonts

The YouTube channel Computer Arts posted an interesting and informative video about a logo design job that was completed with the help of a typeface. The client was the company “Mister Cooper”, which makes ice cream for adults, often with alcohol or other flavors. In [...]

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My life in typefaces – video talk from
Designer Matthew Carter at the TED conference

Among other things, England-born Matthew Carter is well-known for his popular fonts, including Verdana, Georgia and Bell Centennial – a font developed for American telephone books. The designer, born in 1937, gave a talk on his life and work at [...]

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